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What is Hypnotherapy?

There are multiple Hypnotherapy techniques but ultimately they are designed to reach the same end, to induce the client in to a deep relaxation which allows them to communicate from their subconscious thoughts, in turn allowing the therapist to help them to understand the root cause of their issues and then re-programme their responses to these.

The subconscious is the largest portion of the human mind and stores our memories, experiences, thoughts and feelings, however we rely predominantly on the smaller conscious brain for our logical day to day thoughts.

The logical mind tells us that we shouldn't be reacting as we are, that anxiety, depression, stress, addiction is silly, that we should 'just get over it', however the emotions stored  in our subconscious override this logic every time, leaving us with a conflict and confusion

Clients can sometimes be surprised at what their core issues are, however the important part is changing this and hypnotherapy can help you to make those changes more quickly than standard talking therapies

What Hypnotherapy helps

Many Issues in life can be helped with Hypnotherapy including physical, emotional and habitual these may include


Chronic Pain



Smoking Cessation

Alcohol Cessation or reduction

Weight Management

Management of Eating Disorders

Anger Management


Erectile Dysfunction


The list goes on.

I help each client by combining hypnotherapy with other techniques such as: 

-Kinetic Shift 


-Parts Therapy


-Rewind therapy



What is it like being Hypnotised?

Unlike stage hypnosis Hypnotherapy is a more interactive experience where you are aware and in control throughout. We simply allow you to enter a deep relaxation in order to quiet your conscious mind, allowing you subconscious, the part of your mind that stores your memories and feelings, to come to the fore.

You will feel relaxed but aware of my voice throughout. Most people remember their session afterwards.


Used widely throughout the NHS, EMDR is a scientifically supported technique that incorporates bi-lateral stimulation in order to allow the patient to release trauma.

Originally designed to help address traumatic memories, EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing) facilitates the accessing, processing and resolving of disturbing memories and unpleasant life experiences, whilst addressing negative beliefs and unwanted body sensations about past and future events and promoting supportive positive beliefs.

TFT/EFT Tapping

Tapping is a fascinating technique which is so effective in managing anxiety and is a particularly good tool that I use when working with Children.

Based on the idea that we have a series of Meridian's within our body, tapping works to help us to realign the energy meridians that are unbalanced, by fears, phobias, anxiety. and depression.

When I first came across tapping I have to say that I was a cynic, but went on to learn more as it is undeniable that we are all merely a source of energy.

As I explored TFT and EFT I started to notice that I could use tapping at times when I felt that I was anxious about something, or feeling flat, unmotivated, but unable to put my finger on why... by using EFT and TFT sequences I was able to quickly shift my state and get on with what I needed to do with a completely different mind set.

I then started to use tapping with clients who have anxiety, especially children as by teaching them the techniques that they could easily use at home I knew that I was giving them a skill that they could call on at any point in the future to affect immediate change in their thought processes which may otherwise spiral in to anxiety, depression or panic.

I combine EFT and TFT with other techniques as part of a session and use it to teach clients ongoing techniques to be used at home once our sessions are finished

Kinetic Shift


Kinetic Shift is an incredibly powerful new therapy which was designed by Karl Smith initially in order to provide a therapy solution for the armed forces when dealing with PTSD.

It is an eyes open process which allows you the opportunity to remove the feelings associated that affect you.

We know that it is not events that affect us but the feelings that we attach to them 

It is not the existence of alcohol that makes us drink but the feelings that we are trying to manage

It is not is not what people say that makes us angry or anxious but the feelings that we attach to that person or those words 

By removing those feelings we are not able to erase that person, memories of events etc. but we are able to remove the feelings that gives them the power to affect our emotions and responses. Kinetic Shift allows us to remove these quickly and safely allowing you to respond differently to triggers in future.

I have used Kinetic shift with huge success when dealing with:

Birth Trauma

Sexual Assault







It is likely that kinetic shift will be used as part of your treatment, it is usually coupled with hypnotherapy to reinforce the removal of negative feelings and the reinforcement of positive responses. 

Check out Karl's explanation of Kinetic Shift:

Mind Scaping

Mind Scaping is an incredibly powerful technique that helps people to gain clarity in the direction that they are heading and what may be holding them back, more importantly the technique is designed to help them remove the blocks they need and call on whatever tools necessary to help them reach their chosen destination. 

Using the metaphor of a map we are easily able to guide you through 

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