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Life's events, Trauma's, Health issues, Negative influence, and limiting beliefs can all serve to undermine your belief in what is available to you, what you are capable of, even what you desire.

So working together we can understand your challenges, change how you feel about them and help you to gain a new or renewed view of yourself, your life, relationships and future. Because once you take ownership of your situation, your behaviours, habits, fears and learn how they have been serving you, then you can change the things that keep you stuck in old patterns.







I have discovered that, we don't need to 'change' or to 'transform' who we are.

Instead we need to change our perspective about ourselves, to connect or reconnect with that part of us that didn't wait for life to happen, and utilise  that energy.



Have you lost your Shout? That Spark? The Thing that was uniquely You?

Relaxing Bath
Woman in Jacuzzi
Tropical Retreat
Yoga at Home
Yoga Stretches
Tai Chi Class
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