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When I started my therapy training in 2015, I had no idea what was good, bad or indifferent training, I was susceptible to all of the marketing that was out there, they all seemed to be the only course you would ever need!!! Hmm...

I had no idea that there was so many styles, so many techniques, and so many poor quality courses.


I would go as far as to say that, like so many newly trained hypnotherapists, I only learned what I didn't know long after I had attended these courses, only then did I understand, thousands of pounds later, that to be a truly effective hypnotherapist, who was confident enough with clients to make a real difference to their life, that I had been failed by the trainers whose interest was making money by upselling me on to more and more courses, or by the mis information given during these courses.


After initial frustration, feelings of failure and almost giving up my new career, I then became passionate about finding the best training available, trained by the best people, who were genuinely interested in sending me out in to the World as a capable and effective therapist who could make a real difference to lives of people in need of my help. I also wanted to share this with others so that they didn't give up on their careers, so that they became more confident, and so that they didn't waste their money as I had done.

As my practice has developed and become successful, I have established the areas that I would add to the perfect training package if I were to start all over again, and a list of the trainers that I would truly like to have trained with; I researched, talked to therapists, found out what clients really needed, looked at the training gaps and then set about contacting the best trainers who trained the best content that would create a well rounded, confident and experienced therapist.

I am delighted to say that I have already hosted some of this training, and 2020 is set to be an incredible year for learning and growth.

I have some amazing expert trainers lined up, and will be adding yet more in 2021. Will they all be for you? no, but they will all be high quality, easy access and realistically priced. Where I can I will offer training packages an payment plans to help you.

I made a lot of mistakes in the courses that I invested in, and my training cost over £10,000 !!!

Using my experience of what is good and not so good on the training market, all of the trainers and courses are selected by me personally based on my wish-list and I ensure that they are of the highest quality, so that you can be assured that you will be able to add incredible confidence, skill and value to your practice.. I only wish somebody had been around to offer this advice and service when I started, I would still have thousands in my bank account and would have been a more confident therapist far sooner in my practice.

In 2020 I will be working with these amazing therapists to develop a support and coaching package for therapists where you can get the answers to your questions and also access the emotional support that you need to ensure your growth and emotional wellbeing in building ad sustaining a healthy practice.


This will be available in late 2020 and is aimed to create a safe space for you to talk and share away from the noise of the self professed experts.


Take a look at the courses coming up and get in touch for more info.  Im also happy to help you to establish which course would be most beneficial to you based on your existing experience, your plans and your client base


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