Kinetic Shift - My personal experience

As a working Hypnotherapist I use Kinetic Shift all of the time, Sometimes at the start of a session, sometimes in the middle and then now and then and the end, it really depends what crops up with a client.

For many the issues that they present with is nothing more than a symptom of what lies beneath, the root cause. Sometimes clients consciously know what the root cause is sometimes not but either way as a therapist it is the thing that I am looking for in every word, response and gesture.

You would think then that I would know immediately if something was causing me a problem and what that problem was right? Well this is the irony with therapists, they often don't self therapise and nor do they reach out to others because they feel they should know better.

When I went along to my Kinetic Shift course I had been struggling with a few things but just getting by the best I could, pretty much like most people really, living a life below par and just plodding on instead of dealing with it and living the life I could.

The Kinetic shift course I did appealed to me as a therapist, I love learning new techniques and this one seemed to work so quickly that I was intrigued.

The 2 days were well planned and I got the opportunity to spend so much time with some amazing therapists with so many skills, I learned so much from them and the skills they brought to bare as part of the Rapid Hypnosis on Day 1, that in itself had offered so much value but I wasn't quite prepared for Day 2 and what that would bring with it for me personally.

As part of the 2 Day course we practised so much, far more than I had on any other course, it was all geared to ensure that we were completely confident when we practiced with our own clients once we left...Now I confess at this point, I have never really enjoyed the practice element of courses, I have always felt that I wanted to be working with someone more expert than a co trainee, but the simplicity of Kinetic Shift meant that practice was so effective straight away... In my case, a little more effective than I had anticipated....

I worked with several people, and following day 1, a full day of Hypnotic induction, I was feeling a little like something had started bubbling under the surface, so by day 2 whatever it was that was lurking there was ready to pop.

Even though I had watched KS work during demonstrations, I was still sceptical, but when we started to work together I knew that there was something that I wanted to try to change personally.

A year previous I had become pregnant with what we considered to be a miracle baby, we had planned, and imagined that baby as part of our family from the second we found out, however I went on to have a miscarriage at almost 10 weeks and as people have these all of the time I hadn't felt that I had a right to talk about it, to deal with the sadness but also the shock that came with losing what to me was my last chance to have a sibling for my son, not to mention the feelings of failure that as a mother I could not do the 1 thing that so many people around me were doing every day with apparent ease. I felt that I had failed everyone.

I had carried the sadness and the grief of this loss for over 12 months but I had pushed it to one side with the logic that "this happens all of the time "what did I expect at my age" "It wasn't meant to be"... But Kinetic Shift doesn't deal in logic, Kinetic Shift deals in feelings, it doesn't ask for words or explanation it asks for the emotions that we carry and it asks for them to be released from the part of us that carries them.

Of course the feelings I was carrying had manifested themselves in other ways, I would become angry, frustrated, anxious about silly things and generally pretty negative, I just hadn't correlated all of these behaviours with the thing that I had been quashing.

The trainee I worked with had the full support of assessors there on the day and so I felt that I was in good hands when I said that I had something that I would like to work on.

I must say she was nervous but in reality the simplicity of the structure and the confidence built over the 2 days meant that she was able to do exactly what she needed to do as she simply lifted out the grief that I had felt over this issue.

It was the strangest feeling I have ever experienced as I genuinely felt this darkness leave me, it took 2 or 3 attempts to shift it completely but once it was gone the relief that I felt was something that is hard to explain.

I got through the rest of the day but the tears that had been hiding behind these emotions came flooding out as I drove home, hoping that not too many people saw me blubbing at the wheel on the M4.

I was amazed to see the amount of people also experiencing the same profound shifts as part of the training day, the assessors must have been run off their feet supporting everyone, but it all went to confirm what a powerful tool this is. We joked that we had experienced a deeper therapeutic shift in those 2 days than some very expensive therapy could deliver, but we meant it.

True learning comes with experience and my profound experience with KS has meant that I have become a passionate advocate for it, I know how powerful it can be and that the shift it makes can keep processing for some time after a session.

I feel that the KS course that I did gave me so much more than just a skill set, I feel that it changed me, and that came from the structure of the 2 days, the value in changing ourselves along the way is, to me, priceless and was just the start of what KS has given me as a therapist. Learning through experience has meant that I knew exactly how to use this in the 'real world' and that has made me a better practitioner without a doubt.

I have to say that I am so glad that those teaching me were therapists too, it meant that they were better able to explain the anomalies that come up when using this in a real life setting, because as we know no 2 clients are the same and will all respond in different ways, so I am glad that I was able to learn from their experience and feel very grateful that I now have the ability to use this to help more and more people to shift their issues, and now even train others to help more still.

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