Kinetic Shift - Amazing, Simple, but so hard to describe

With the ever growing number of Kinetic shift practitioners around the world, I have yet to come across one who can succinctly describe what it is or why it works, all we can agree on is that it just does; but not only does it seem to work, it seems to work unbelievably well.... I say unbelievably well because as a therapist who now uses it with most clients, there has never been one instance where I used it where I was not left in absolute awe.

Created by Karl Smith Kinetic shift appears to be a hybrid of NLP, EMDR, energy work and well, black magic (I jest about the black magic but I am still searching for words to describe its effectiveness)

You can learn lots about Karl in his own words via You Tube, but essentially he is an ex squaddie and armed forces officer who, following significant trauma, was diagnosed with Chronic PTSD. After finding conventional treatment to add to the problem Karl went on to learn and research about alterative therapies.

Karl studied, trained and started to practice in hypnotherapy until he became so highly skilled that it became his new career, but also treated his CPTSD along the way.

Following all of that work and using his own experience Karl came up with Kinetic Shift.

The reason that he created it is also the thing I find most incredible about KS, while it allows you to quite literally pull the anxiety, fear, pain etc, from your client, they actually don't need to go in to huge detail about the issue at all, which is a huge benefit to many male clients but also to those who say that they have been to counselling, but became frustrated that week after week they just talked over the issue and at the end reached no resolution, they were still left with the same emotions, they just had a bit more clarity about why they had them.

It simply removes those feelings without having to regurgitate where they came from, without having to use the logical mind to sift through lots of information which may not even be accurate.

As therapists what we are looking for with KS is the 'feeling' or 'state', the feeling or state that people can create with a simple thought or memory, and we then simply allow them to let that feeling go.

My previous training called for long drawn out sessions investigating where issues originated, sometimes with no certain answer but the reality is that people just want that feeling gone, especially when it comes to trauma.

KS definitely offers that solution, the only thing is describing it makes it sound like the crazy woo woo that everybody already relates to alternative therapy. I even think it sounds a bit strange myself, yet week after week, client after client I watch as pain, anxiety, fear, trauma quite literally melt from peoples faces, sometimes leaving them sobbing with relief, sometimes giggling, but almost always shocked and a little confused by what has happened.

I don't know how but I know that Karl has created something very unique and quite amazing and I am extremely grateful that he did because since introducing it to my therapy tool kit the changes it has made to so many people have been something quite wonderful to be part of.

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