Business plans - Imprinting a Mind-Set for Success

There are so many tools to help you gain clarity in your business, especially for start ups, my favourite is a good old focused chat with someone, I find it motivating as well as a way to gain insight from others and add fuel to already burning ideas, idea logs I like to call them.

For many who are just starting out especially those with full time work/family commitments who are time starved, a good example being "mumpreneurs", (Women who are keen to find or start a business that will allow them to retain an income, using their skills but working around their children) there often just isn't that someone that they can talk to about their immediate or their long term, grander plans. Finding someone who shares a vision can be hard, finding someone who can understand the detail and need for thinking time can be even harder.... We all have that person in our lives who half listens to our vision but then asks when we are going back to work, or how's the real job going?!!!

This lack of connection to those who may share or support our vision can seem draining and saps confidence, it is also one of the biggest reasons that so many businesses don't even make it on to paper let alone in to the main stream.

Sharing our plans can help us in many areas:


Identifying Skills Gaps

Assessing our weaknesses so they can be strengthened

Generating ideas for business development

Understanding more about what is already in the market



Establishing micro goals and daily tasks

the list goes on...

It seems though in order to achieve these things when we don't know anybody that we can share with, that the only way can mean joining a group or paying for a coach, and both are great, hell as a coach I'd encourage it, but this can be costly or intimidating to a new entrepreneur.

So how else can you gain all of the things such a focus, clarity etc when you only have yourself to talk with?

My tip? Write a business plan! Not a very exciting prospect is it?

Business plans are sometimes long winded and boring right? Yes they can be, but they are a fantastic tool or helping you to set the vision for your company, helping you to establish exactly why you want to do this business as a starter for 10.

You will need to write a mission statement.. I defy you to write this then re-read it and not question exactly why you are doing it, whether you can do it, the whole time dipping in and out of confidence in the business, the investment even yourself.

However, once you have re-written it several times you should feel motivated and very clear on what marketeers call 'YOUR WHY'

You will have to answer questions like:

Who is your Competition?

What is your Target Market?

What will your income be?

When will you achieve this?

How many hours will it take to get there?

What input do you need?

What will your investment be?

What skills will you need to improve on?

What personality traits will you need to work on

All sexy stuff right? :/ Ok sometimes it can feel never ending but your focus throughout a business plan is that in theory you will use it to capture an investor, so you are selling yourself... you will need to be able to answer every tiny bit about your business and expect to be grilled, so through this plan you will have no choice other than to gain clarity in exactly what you intend to achieve. Then ask yourself, would this stand up to scrutiny? If I didn't know me, would I invest in me?

Just like all good mind-set changes, it is through repetition, reinforcement of your desired outcome and commitment to your goals that you will achieve, by using a business plan and revisiting it, perfecting it, fine tuning it, that you will reprogramme your mind to gain certainty from your plan, until there is nothing left other than for you to take massive action and be sure that you will succeed

At the end of this plan, especially if you have rewritten it several times and addressed every negative (remember the old sales adage.. "An objection is a request for more information") you will without doubt be certain that you understand Yourself, Your WHY, Your Business and Your Goals so well that you will easily be able to adapt in order to anticipate obstacles and challenges and overcome them whilst retaining focus and certainty in your outcome.

Much like vision boarding a Business plan can be adapted to your needs and when you finally are able to surround yourself with like minded people you will already have the mind-set for success and the certainty you need when it comes to communicating your business and its anticipated success

The great thing about business plans is that they don't have to cost you anything but time, I have enjoyed using those supplied 100% free by Business Wales or the UK government webpages.... they are clinical and detailed, but for me they are exactly what is needed to can analyse ever tiny part of your business idea until you have imprinted in your Mind the Certainty of Success

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