1 in 20 Menstruating women are believed to live with Pre Menstrual Dysphoric Disorder or Pre menstrual Exacerbation


​30% of these women are believed to have attempted suicide at least once during a PMDD crisis.

As many as 90% of sufferers are believed to be undiagnosed, something not helped by the lack of awareness amongst the medical and therapeutic communities.


Women are regularly misdiagnosed with Bi-polar, Depression, Anxiety, Border Line Personality Disorder.​

This means that they may not be getting the correct help in order to address their specific issues.


Working with women who have PMDD or PME can be less than straightforward as a therapist due to the nature of its flux.It is possible to find that you may get a call asking for an urgent appointment as the client feels quite desperate, yet once menstruation begins they can feel extremely disassociated from the emotional trauma they felt during the days previous, they can feel embarrassed, confused and even ashamed, which leads to them gas lighting themselves, stating that it wasn't that bad and next month they will be fine, only to find that they have the same cycle within 4 weeks.


If you are ready to explore more about PMDD and PME and how you can help youor clients, oor reach more women that need your help, then this workshop is for you.


2.5 hours where I will discuss my experience and how you can work with sufferers of PMDD ina more productive way over a series of sessions as they develop their understanding of how they are impacted by the changes that you will be able to recommend and monitor, alongside the therapy that you already offer.


for more info https://www.emmajreynolds.com/pmddpmefortherapistsworkshop

PMDD & PME for Therapists

  • Please ensure that you can make the date that you have booked as there is a no refund policy on all training, unless dates are changed