The Best Practices of Dave Elman 2 Day Training

with Larry & Cheryl Elman

June 13/14th 2020

A final opportunity to train directly with Dave Elman's son in person, in the UK

I couldn't be more honoured to be asked to host Larry & Cheryl Elman on their final training tour of the UK. 

Most modern day Hypnotherapists and hypnotists have studied the work of Dave Elman, indeed it is said that you are either an Elman or an Ericksonian hypnotist as Elman's work not only re-popularised hypnosis, but defined a style of working that is used Worldwide. 

Still running the Dave Elman institute today is Larry Elman (Dave's son) and his wife Cheryl.

Now 81 Larry is a hugely experienced hypnotist and trainer and along with Cheryl is taking the opportunity to bring their unique experience and style of training to the UK for one last time.

We have planned venues in England, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland & Wales, and so I will be hosting them in the Welsh capital, in a City Centre location which allows them full access to all Cardiff has to offer.


Who is Dave Elman?

Before the days of easy access to training in hypnosis, many hypnotists learned their craft by reading the big green book 'Hypnotherapy'.

Elman's early career included being a Vaudeville performer, billed as 'The youngest and fastest hypnotist' yet he went on to travel the USA training Doctor's and dentists in using hypnosis during treatment and procedures. During a time that hypnosis had lost a great deal of favour with the public, Elman managed to reintroduce it's use, going on to make it more popular and more widely used than ever before.

The famous Elman inductions are rapid and effective, yet despite the showmanship that they relied on, the therapy and understanding of what could be achieved in a hypnotic state was well understood and respected as a result of Elman's work.

What will you learn during the 2 days certified training?

Larry and Cheryl Elman create an energetic and dynamic duo, making this course fun and informative. Larry brings depth and understanding to his father’s methodology. He graduated his father’s trainings multiple times, experiencing the evolution and progression of his fathers teaching and brings this bang up to date in a modern context.

You will leave this course with confidence in your use of the rapid hypnosis synonymous with Dave Elman


  • History of Dave Elman’s Course and Methods

  • The Dave Elman Induction (DEI) with Troubleshooting

  • Modification of the DEI for Zoom and Groups

  • Tests, Deepeners and Convincers

  • Waking Hypnosis

  • Dave Elman’s method’s of Hypnosis for Children

  • Hypnotic Anesthesia and Pain Management

  • The Esdaile State

  • The Hypnotic Seal (Lecture only)

  • Hypnoanalysis versus Hypnotherapy…. and more

  • A course book will be provided.

Need Accommodation?

All of this outstanding training will be held in the centre of Cardiff in the Angel Hotel. They have offered a less than competitive rate of £150 a night to stay on site, personally I would shop around. 

There are many other Hotel, Guest house, Air bnb options within walking distance of the training room. (I am happy to help bring people together who wish to share Air bnb apartments etc)


Don’t forget, Cardiff is a beautiful City, and overlooking the Hotel from the front is Cardiff Castle and from the back is the Principality Stadium, from where you can jump on a boat ride to Cardiff Bay where there are great accommodation and Restaurant/Bar options along with some great sightseeing opportunities


Refreshments will be provided throughout the day each day, including, Tea, coffee, water and cookies.

There will be a break for lunch and as we will be in the city centre there are dozens of places to choose from.

How to Secure your Place on this Workshop

The workshop is £395 and can be paid in full here. Please note that this link will take you to all other training options available, including training packages

Payments are made through my website, using credit or Debit Card.

You can also arrange to make a BACS transfer, just drop me a message to ask for details

Got any more questions? Not sure if this is for you? Drop me a message or contact me through the chat section on my website, I will be more than happy to help


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