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Hi I'm Emma

Welcome to my Website, I assume you are here because you would like to make changes in your life?

Well that is where I started too, there were so many things that I wanted to change and I had no idea where to start.

I suffered with Post Natal Depression, delayed Grief and PMDD, for every solution I felt there was a problem.


I resorted to the usual counselling and medication route but I felt I was getting nowhere, I felt I was just becoming an expert in my own problems.

So I started looking in to alternative therapies, hypnosis, energy work, massage, reflexology, Reiki you name it I tried it..

Once I committed to making a change I started to see results, and I took years (and spent a fortune) to find what really worked.

There were some that gave some immediate relief, some that simply confused me, but the ones that made a real, and often instant change, to the ways I 'Felt' rather than thought were the ones I knew I had to pursue.

I started training in these therapies and helping other people to achieve the change I had experienced until over time I had refined the skills and established the best of these therapies which I now offer to my clients so they do not have to take quite so long or spend anywhere near what I have spent to make the change they desire.

I have been trained to the highest standards with some of the best therapists in the World, using hypnotherapy, kinetic shift, content free therapy, intervention techniques, parts therapy, mind scaping tapping & more

I now train some of these techniques via 2 day certified courses in conjunction with the UK Hypnosis Academy which is a real passion of mine

Emm Reynolds Hypnotherapy

 "I had no Idea that my Phobia was really about a trauma I had experienced a year before.. Emma picked that up straight away and seemed to remove it in minutes… I was so overwhelmed and emotional, it was quick, easy and effective, wish I'd done it years ago, I've wasted so much time being afraid of something that wasn't even real... Thank you so much Emma you have changed my life"  ..Sal

Some of my sessions are longer than the average therapy session, simply because clients want results and value for money, so using longer sessions it is likely that you will need less sessions overall, for many one is often enough, though I sometimes recommend a follow up session within a month so that we can ensure lasting change.

I do not believe that any one therapy can fix all of your problems but I do believe that by committing to yourself and starting with some of the rapid therapies that I use that you will create ripples of change throughout every area of your life.

I always recommend that Clients access some of the free resources that are out there on you tube and similar so that they can introduce the need to change daily behaviours and decisions in order to make an overall lifelong change. 

As an experienced and Specialist Hypnotherapist I specialise in Phobia Elimination & Trauma, in particular trauma experienced during birth, though I also work to help people in areas such as:

  • Stress and Anxiety 

  • Post Birth Trauma

  • Stop smoking

  • Chronic Pain

  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome 

  • Phobia

"I want to both thank Emma and recommend her to anyone who needs some help with anxiety.

Thanks to Emma, today I showed my daughter a box of things I kept from her birth and time in SCBU, something I haven't been able to bring myself to look at for 4 years.
Previously any reminder literally took me back to that time and it was more than I could bare. Today I was able to spend an emotional but not anxious time with my daughter showing her the things I kept. Priceless and I am so grateful.." ...Nikki

While I am Cardiff Based, may of my clients have their session via Skype which is highly effective, if not more effective for some who find getting out to a clinic to be anxiety inducing.

My Clients are Worldwide so it is likely that I can and do work in your time-zone

To book you can email me directly Via the contact me page or you can Call Directly on +44 7878 763378 via What's app My Skype name is emmajreynolds

"The Journey of 1000 Miles begins with 1 step" … Start your Journey with the help and support you need,