Farty McFartpants -

The Funny Little Book Tackling Bullying

Farty is the story of a little boy who is bullied at school because of his extraordinary name.

Always on the outside Farty Farty finally finds some new Friends and also finds a way to teach his bully's a very funny and stinky lesson.

Written in rhyme I originally wrote this very funny and silly story for my own son, who despite just being in pre school was struggling with "teasing" from some of the older boys.

I wanted to find a way that I could make him understand that it was ok to be himself, that was enough and would always be enough and that he did not need to change himself to adapt to others around him.

That's a tall order when you have a child so young, but he was a funny little boy, he loves laughing and typical of many little kids he thinks things like Farting are just hilarious... So Farty McFartpants was born.

He loved the story and I'm pleased to say that despite still not always fitting in, he has a quiet confidence, reassured that being himself is just fine.

Since reading this book to more and more groups of children I have been overwhelmed by the amount of them, between the ages of 4 and 11 who have come to me afterwards to share their stories of bullying, their experience of having to deal with feeling 'different'.

I have of course been able to encourage them to speak to parents and teachers as they confided that they had just dealt with it, just assumed that it was part of being in school.


I then started receiving feedback from parents who not only loved the book but who told me that their children had started to open up about things they had seen or experienced at school but had never shared.


I have several friends who work in therapy and have pointed out to me the therapeutic qualities of my book, but seeing it first hand has made me extremely proud.


I plan to continue to workshop this book so that I can eventually turn it in to a play that can be taken in to schools and help the children there to open up to the teachers that are there to support and encourage an environment of respect.


I am very proud that my silly little book has had such an impact... Most of all I am very proud of my very own Real Farty McFartpants.




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