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Farty McFartpants

"Hilarious, Witty, Clever... We love this book"

Farty is the story of a little boy who is teased at school because of his extraordinary name.

But Farty is a clever little man and along with his new best friends finds a way to teach the school bullies a very stinky and hilarious lesson

Written in rhyme and easy to read Farty is a firm favourite with Children of all ages.

Farty consistently gets fantastic reviews from Critics and families:

"This is a great book. It's funny, easy to listen to and also has a serious message about being yourself which is so important. What 4 year old doesn't love farts? My daughter loves this book and my 2 year old joins in too. I think it would also be suitable for an older child and I bought it for my nephew who's 7. I highly recommend it."

 NJ Bennett

"I have to say, I love this book! The poem style writing is really funny, and the story isn't quite what you expect. The drawings are lovely - and I know this book will appeal to all mums with kids that giggle every time someone farts. A great gift for any child."


"Revenge is a dish best served smelly! A nice story of a sprout fuelled last stand for a little boy whose name is causing him problems with schoolyard bullies. I liked the rhyming and pace when reading to my 4 year old boy."

P Roberts

"All Parents Must own this book!, My daughter opened up to me about  exeriences she had at school that I had not been aware of....a great read"

Mrs Averrage Evaluates

"Oh My Children just loved this book, it is a definite favourite and we will read it for many years to come. In Truth my husband loved it even more"


"Brilliant Brilliant book, so funny, my kids laughed all of the way home and read it 3 times in 1 car journey, My son is 10 and my daughter is 8, they just loved it... Silent But Violent has been used a lot since"

E Roberts

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