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The Bob Burns 2 Day Workshop - Cardiff

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Oh No, you missed it! This Event Has now Happened

An Opportunity to Train with a Living Legend.

I was so fascinated by Bob and his work that I just had to invite him to Cardiff to share his work my colleagues, I was so delighted when he agreed and so now I am so very proud to host him for an amazing 2 day workshop in the Welsh Capital.

So, here it is, a chance to see and get hands-on experience, in 2 packed days with Bob Burns!


Saturday & Sunday, October 19-20, 2019 in the heart of the Capital 9:30am to 5:30pm daily.

    Who is Bob Burns?


Bob is a hypnotherapist with over 40 years of experience and is extremely well known and respected within his profession.Apart from working as a full time therapist he is a much sought after speaker and lecturer in the field and delivers training and workshops in hypnosis around the world (many countries in Europe along with North and South America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand The Middle and the Far East).


Bob Burns hypnotised his first person in the early 70’s whilst merely pretending to be a hypnotist (something that scared the hell out of him!).

Since then he has done stage hypnosis, street, impromptu and also uses hypnosis in the world of magic and mentalism where he works mainly in the corporate sector. He is also a working clinical hypnotist, seeing clients in his therapy rooms in Montrose, Scotland (the home of James Esdaile).

Bob mentors many therapists from around the world, but he is a mentor with a difference. Rather than teach his students (who are experienced therapists only) in the classroom, he is believed to be the only known therapist who actually brings the student into his home and therapy rooms for a few days in order to watch him work with live clients. This much sought after radically distinctive personal one-on-one training and mentoring is by appointment only.

In hypnotherapy he had, for many years, always worked highly successfully with what he happily called ‘standard operational procedures:…‘ then along came a Swan’.

Bob’s ‘Swan Protocol’ is now actively used by therapists and healers in more than 85 countries around the world provoking much debate on the question: ‘What exactly is The Swan and is it true that it can venture into certain areas where hypnosis cannot?

One thing is for certain, The Swan Protocol is indeed one of the finest procedures ever constructed in the hypnosis world.

   And here YOU get the chance to train with one of the finest trainers ever in the world of hypnosis!!!

As said, Bob is also a much sought after professional mentalist and uses hypnosis in stage, impromptu and in his close-up work

of magic and mentalism.

He simply loves using and blending mentalism with clinical hypnosis and he actually teaches these fantastic skills to his students in many of his clinical hypnosis workshops.


What you will experience & learn in your 2 days with Bob?


The essential consultation structure
The Wall is a complete breakdown of the consultation Bob has constructed throughout his 40 plus years in practice
Students will possess the full and complete knowledge of its power, AND be shown how to deliver it themselves.

Discover a ready-to-use system to use with your clients. Know where you are in your process at all times, how to navigate personal change, and how to work interactively with your client's subconscious mind.

Bob will be revealing first-hand how to make instant contact with the subconscious in a fully wakened state without any form of hypnosis. This fascinating technique will not cease to amaze you in its simplicity and effectiveness.

You will also get the opportunity to practice this and receive feedback during the course of the weekend.

Bob will reveal and teach the skills learned and honed for street/impromptu hypnosis over 40 years, from slow to rapid to instant inductions. Skills that can help you to increase your confidence in using hypnosis.

Designed by Bob Burns in the 80’s this is a full formula where the therapist can learn to handle any given challenge in either the therapy room, street or impromptu.

Learn how to story-tell, test the audience for both imagination and response
Then how to demonstrate hypnosis to avoid failure.
And of course Bob’s now famous teaching of ‘how to present a business card’.

A full demonstration of The Bob Burns Smoking Cessation protocol, with a full ‘evidence based’ breakdown of the facts and treatment behind cigarette smoking over the last 20 years. This is a protocol which continues to prove itself highly successful

A teaching on how to make contacts with doctors and how to gain referrals (copies of letters will be available in an emailable format for all attendees).

Bob works with some of the finest Sports me and women in the world (including World Champions and ‘The Open’ winners). Here he will demonstrate the winning formula he uses in their sessions.

As a fulltime professional stage hypnotist and mentalist/magician over many years Bob will be revealing several of the very best things that crossover from mentalism to hypnosis, including work he uses in his actual therapy room, allowing you the space and time to learn and use this in your own practice

so much more!

* The REAL magic of the ‘Chevreul’s pendulum and why different parts (real or imagined) within the subconscious can be aligned or in conflict
* Lucid dreaming, Finding how to use the time used in a dream state to maximum effect
* Seeing auras
* Spiritual healing


Both Auras and Healing will be the final part of the sessions on Day 2, which means for those who have little or no interest in these areas can finish their day earlier or use the space available for further practice


Plus ... The training is accompanied by a text book for each delegate, which breaks down the demonstrated processes in an easy to understand and follow format.




Plus… Your chance to ask Bob all of your burning Therapy Questions.


Plus... You also have the opportunity to join Bob for Dinner at one of the many characterful restaurants within walking distance on Saturday evening. (People will pay for their own meals) 


Need Accommodation?

All of this outstanding training will be held in the centre of Cardiff with an option to stay at the Holiday Inn for the delegate rate of £90 per night bed and breakfast.


Though there are many other Hotel, Guest house, Air bnb options within walking distance of the training room. (I am happy to help bring people together who wish to share Air bnb apartments etc)


For those not staying, The Holiday Inn has also offered a delegate rate of £9.50 for their full buffet breakfast prior to training or a 3 Course Dinner for just £20 each evening.


Don’t forget, Cardiff is a beautiful City, and overlooking the Hotel from the front is Cardiff Castle and from the back is the Principality Stadium, from where you can jump on a boat ride to Cardiff Bay where there are great accommodation and Restaurant/Bar options along with some great sightseeing opportunities



Refreshments will be provided throughout the day each day, including, Tea, coffee, water, fruit, nuts, seeds and cookies.

There will be a break for lunch and as we will be in the city centre there are dozens of places to choose from.





How to Secure your Place on this Workshop


The workshop is £395 and can be paid in full here.

If you would like to pay a deposit to secure  your place before maximum numbers are reached, please contact me and I will arrange a £75 deposit fee with the remainder payable by September 6th

Payments are made through my website, using credit or Debit Card.

You can also arrange to make a BACS transfer, just drop me a message to ask for details

More on Bob 




























Got any more questions? Not sure if this is for you? Drop me a message or contact me through the chat section on my website, I will be more than happy to help



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