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Sometimes all we need is to change our perspective

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Do you regularly feel overwhelming emotions like anger, sadness, loneliness or fear but can't seem to work out how to stop them?

Have you experienced Trauma or struggled with conditions of Chronic Trauma?

Do you sometimes feel emotionally paralysed, but just don't know why?

Do you feel disconnected from those around you?


Do you suffer with chronic stress or pain that seems to have no single cause?

Do you struggle with anxiety, fears or even phobias that limit you from living the life you truly desire?

Do you rely on alcohol, smoking, unhealthy eating and behaviours to distract or help you cope?


Have you reached a point where you are no longer willing to accept these limitations?

Have you made the decision to make a lasting difference to your day to day life?


Are you ready to finally make that commitment to yourself and say enough is enough?



If you identify with any or all of these things, I hear you, because I have been there, and it took me years of seeking 'The Answer', 'The Silver Bullet' the thing that would change my life, my circumstances, my habits, my feelings, but essentially change ME, Until I realised, I didn't need to change Me, I was not at fault, but my beliefs, habits, patterns  and behaviours were.

The mind is a powerful tool, and used well it can support us to let go of old, reoccurring negative beliefs and habits and focus on what we wish to achieve and improve on. I'd say it isn't rocket science, but there is a great deal of science involved.





As we work together you will see that I have carefully mixed my knowledge of talking complementary therapies and coaching with an understanding of neurology and neuroplasticity to develop a broad skill set allowing me the ability to offer you a unique and bespoke service.


Helping you to resolve or manage


  • Menopause

  • Anxiety, Fear & Phobia

  • Post Birth Trauma

  • Addictions & Habits  (incl. Smoking, Alcohol)

  • Chronic Pain

  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome 


  • Hormonal issues 

I have been lucky enough to train to the highest standards with some of the best therapists in the World, using Hypnotherapy, Hypnoanalysis, NLP, EMDR, RTT, Talking therapies, Kinetic shift, Content free therapy, Intervention techniques, Coaching, Parts therapy, Mind Scaping, EFT, TFT & more

I want to put you in Control of your recovery and believe that people also want to learn these skills so that they can be used in every day life in order to help you support your development, as, learning, growth and consistency are key to long term change. So you will also be taught the art of self hypnosis, tapping, positive imagery and self talk, in order that you too can find the balance you have been looking for.

I am so grateful to have worked with amazing clients who say things like:

"You were so compassionate...on my side"

"A real person, not the slightest bit woo woo and so knowledgeable..."

"I changed my life after what I learned with Emma, I can't thank her enough...."

"I was free of my addiction Immediately and a year on I am not even tempted..."

"She just understood me......I didn't feel judged or ashamed"

"I have been to so many therapists you gave me a different insight and I will take that and use it positively"

" Like a hypnotherapist, coach and counsellor rolled in to one"

Emma Reynolds.jpg
The brain

For 50 Years I had lived with a ridiculous phobia which limited my life and drove my family mad...When I saw Emma I walked away telling everyone that I couldn't believe that had worked, I kept testing it, but it was just gone....I didn't remember having the phobia, I thought, "maybe it wasn't really that bad"  but my husband said " Are you joking? you were a bl...y nightmare and now you don't even flinch".   J.

"I want to both thank Emma and recommend her to anyone who needs some help with anxiety.

Thanks to Emma, today I showed my daughter a box of things I kept from her birth and time in SCBU, something I haven't been able to bring myself to look at for 4 years.
Previously any reminder literally took me back to that time and it was more than I could bare. Today I was able to spend an emotional but not anxious time with my daughter showing her the things I kept. Priceless and I am so grateful.." ...Nikki

 "I had no Idea that my Phobia was really about a trauma I had experienced a year before.. Emma picked that up straight away and seemed to remove it in minutes… I was so overwhelmed and emotional, it was quick, easy and effective, wish I'd done it years ago, I've wasted so much time being afraid of something that wasn't even real... Thank you so much Emma you have changed my life"  ..Sal

I have clinics in London & Cardiff, many of my clients have their session online via Zoom, which is highly, if not more effective for some who find getting out to a clinic to be anxiety inducing or if you have delayed therapy because of time constraints, with some choosing to book their first session in their lunch break 

To book your Initial 45 Minute consultation online, via the phone or in person in Cardiff you can simply click the button above to fill out the form or email me directly Via contact me

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